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Nature's Liquid Gold Set

Nature's Liquid Gold Set

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The Perfect Gift for Liquid Soap Users! This set comes with our Natural Lavender Castile Liquid Soap and our newly launched multi-purpose body oil - Golden Silk Elixir. Pamper your skin every day with the ideal cleansing and moisturising regimen.

Lavender Castile Liquid Soap

Organically handmade and formulated with the nourishing Extra Virgin Olive Oil, this soap offers a delicate and safe cleansing experience suitable even for newborns. Beyond its gentle nature, this soap provides natural hydration, antioxidant nourishment, and a mild touch suitable for sensitive skin. Scented with Lavender Essential Oil, this soap brings calming and soothing effects on the skin. Elevate your cleansing routine with the goodness of our Natural Castile Liquid Soap, a perfect blend of purity and tranquility.

Golden Silk Elixir

Experience the luxurious benefits of our all-in-one blend for Hair and Body. This versatile body oil revives your skin and hair, acting as a tonic for radiance renewal, detox firming, improved circulation, and brightening uneven skin tone. It's easy to use – simply apply a thin layer for a perfect daily moisturiser. For a relaxing massage oil, apply a bit more to soothe body aches, reduce water retention, and find relief from stomach discomfort or menstrual cramps. Additionally, you can nourish and tame fizzy hair with a light application. The elixir is effortlessly absorbed, lightweight, and leaves a silky finish on both your skin and hair, making it a delightful addition to your beauty routine.

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