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About Soap Ministry

Soap Ministry is a pioneer in the art of creating handmade skin-friendly organic soaps and we strongly advocate the use of natural herbs and organic soap making ingredients. Natural ingredients have many amazing properties, and it is our vision to communicate this in the most exciting and powerful way—through first-hand experience! We offer you an exciting opportunity to explore the amazing world of DIY organic skincare. About Diana Ong, founder and Director of Soap Ministry Diana Ong set up her business in 2010 with not just a strong belief in natural and DIY soap making products to offer, but she was determined to help educate and empower people to become aware of and be in control of every product and ingredient that comes in contact with their skin.

So, what inspired Soap Ministry—how did it all start? Having a daughter with Eczema was a blessing in disguise—the very spark that inspired Diana to establish Soap Ministry. Her daughter had struggled with severe Eczema even as a baby and was prescribed steroid creams by the doctors. Though her condition appeared to get better after application, the “results” didn't last. Experience has always proven the best teacher, so this is what eventually led Diana to start experimenting with making soaps herself in Malaysia, much to her relief and with significantly better results. Her daughter's skin condition dramatically improved and the frequency of her relapses was reduced to a large extent.

We share as we serve, and give as we receive

Most commercially produced products contain high levels of harsh chemical additives that can cause damage to our skin if used regularly. Some of the commonly-found hazardous substances include cresol, formaldehyde, glycols, nitrates/nitrosamines, sulphur compounds, phenol, fragrances, and colorings. Natural soaps are an effective alternative to chemical-laden products. Using the best natural soaps is a powerful way of protecting your delicate skin, ensuring you feel great always. Our all-natural organically made soaps are now available for sale on our website and via select outlets. Learn how to create your very own natural DIY soaps right here at Soap Ministry. Making your own soaps is easy, loads of fun, and educational at the same time! Switch to safe and beautiful DIY skincare the natural way. For more details, check out our workshops.