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Nature’s Wash & Protect Set

Nature’s Wash & Protect Set

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Our specially curated gift set for moms with little ones includes a gentle, unscented Natural Liquid Cleanser perfect for baby essentials.

Handcrafted locally with 100% natural ingredients, this unscented, gentle formula is designed for versatile use, from cleaning baby hands and utensils to washing bottles, tools, and even fruits and vegetables. Plus, our travel-sized bottle ensures convenience on the go. Versatility meets peace of mind with a formula that is both effective and safe for delicate baby essentials.

Paired with our Clean Air Sanitiser Mist—made with pure essential oils and food-grade alcohol—a powerhouse in maintaining a healthy environment for both moms and little ones.

This mist serves as a dual-purpose solution. It's perfect for purifying the air, providing defence against viruses and bacteria, and creating a fresh, clean atmosphere. Moms can use it to alleviate stuffy noses in babies and kids, as well as sanitise hands and surfaces like public tables, baby chairs, public toilet seats, baby bottles/utensils, and even rooms and cars.

Our Nature’s Wash & Protect Set is a comprehensive set designed to enhance daily routines, offering a balance of gentle, effective cleansing for baby essentials and a powerful, versatile sanitiser mist to promote a healthy living space. It's the perfect gift for moms who prioritise convenience, safety, and well-being for themselves and their little ones.

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