We Do What We Believe

We Do What We Believe

Why Soap Ministry ?

Soap Ministry is a professional soap making company, founded since 2010 from a simple retail handmade soap shop to a full extensive intermediate and advance soap making workshops. We were featured in Business times, Mediacorps: Channel 8, Vasantham, Channel U, FM Radio stations: Love 972 and also a Book published by Kinokuya; 'Whatever it takes', and many more.

Biggest and most pioneer soap-making company in Singapore

In Singapore, Soap Ministry is the biggest and most pioneer professional soap making workshop company and we have been awarded as Best In Singapore and SME 500. We have over 400 designs of molds, 15-30 essential oil and blends, wide selection of natural herbs and blends for customer to use and choose. Soap Ministry is highly skilled and has professional coaching and knowledge about soap making and skincare. We also provide skin consultation and skincare knowledge workshop where we address and the common skin issues and remedies for them.

Saving skin, Saving Earth, Saving cost

Soap Ministry understand the importance of using high quality products for our skin. We believe in saving skin, saving Earth and saving cost. Diana Ong, Founder and Director of Soap Ministry, strongly believes in natural and DIY products and has a strong interest in educating and empowering people to be in control of whatever product and ingredient that goes on your skin. All Soap Ministry workshop uses ingredients have been carefully sourced and ensured that they are of premium grade. During our workshops, we educate the skin benefits that the ingredient has. Soap Ministry product uses ingredients that are biodegradable which breaks into organic material making them harmless to the environment. Soap Ministry also sells soap making ingredients for customers to make their own natural soaps from home. We also provide bulk purchases at discounted rates for our customers.

Share as we serve, give as we get.

As our slogan, Soap Ministry believes in giving back. Soap Ministry is in support of Non-profit Organizations and have collaborated with organizations such as Operation Rejoice and Be Kind SG. Soap Ministry has also partnered with organizations and enable their corporate social responsibility projects.(CSR)



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