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PH Balance - Acids, Alkalines, Buffers, Neutralizers

Posted by: Diana on: 2011-07-30 11:34:59

The Degree of acidity or alkalinity ( Known as the PH ) of a product is important in cosmetics . Too little or too much of either may irritate the skin. Formulation of a product is dependent upon properly maintaining the intended PH. Citric Acid, wideely used as the acid and ammonium carbonate, an alkali, are frequently found in cosmetic formulations. Buffers & neutralizing agents are chemicals added to cosmetic & daily skin care cleanser to control acidity or alkalinity in the same way, added directly. Some common potentially harsh chemicals in this class are - ammonium bicarbonate , - calcium carbonate & - tartaric acid & etc At Soap Ministry, Organic Cold Process Handmade Soap curd or cooling process for 2 months & above, for the benefits to achieve natural PH ideal for our skin & 100% naturally produced & retained glycerin produced within the soap by itself. That what make it so wholesome to our skin & our health. Best of all it protect the earth . Make a difference to what you choose to use. Know what you use, use what you know. Soap Ministry , Share as we Serve Give as we Get



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