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Skin Types & More

Posted by: Diana on: 2011-06-28 02:19:48

What is Dry Skin Like ??? Feel Tight, Cracks easily under harsh weather, Prone to Infection, Redness, Itchiness & Premature Lines & Wrinkles too. Skin texture looks flaky when put on make up. What is Normal Skin Like ??? The Label speaks for itself. Skin in neither too dry nor too greasy. In-between. What is Oily Skin Like ??? Prone to pimple-plagued, Greasy & prone to enlarge open pores, Make Up doesn\\\'t stay Dull Skin Prone to white & black heads, Clogged easily, What is Combination Skin Like ??? Only some area likely to get oily easily T-Zone, Forehead & Chin areas



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