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Soap Maker\\\\\\\'s Corner

Posted by: Diana on: 2011-09-23 23:52:03

Organic Cold Process Facial & Body Soap Bar Soapmaker\\\\\\\'s Corner: ORGANIC SUNFLOWER OIL is the best kept soapmaking secret you must start spreading. Its fatty acid profile is practically identical to that of olive oil, but it costs far less. Just swap it evenly for olive oil, but be sure to get the right kind... USDA Certified Organic Sunflower Oil. Why pay for expensive olive oil? Our high-oleic sunflower oil has 82%-85% oleic fatty acid, which is even more oleic fatty acid than olive oil. This makes your soaps extra moisturizing and gives them a longer shelf life. In your soap making, uses it as a 1:1 swap to replace olive oil. Importantly, our high-oleic sunflower oil does not have a strong nutty smell, so it won\\\\\\\'t affect your soap or skin care products.



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