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Soap Base Formulation

Posted by: Diana on: 2011-09-23 23:48:42

Soap Base Formulation It All Comes Down to This Ever use a soap that just didn\\\'t lather or that left your skin feeling tight and dry? The reason for this is poor formulation of the soap base itself. Here\\\'s the scoop on formulation (and you don\\\'t need to like chemistry to read on...) Soap is the result of a full chemical reaction in which a section of an oil molecule (a fatty acid) attaches to a sodium ion. By choosing oils that have specific molecular properties (that is, the right fatty acids) and blending them in the right proportions, we can create the results we want in the final bars. Creamy lather, fluffy lather, extra moisturizing, etc. There\\\'s a catch, though. The oil components (fatty acids) that give soap a certain property often have a negative effect on other properties. For example, the fatty acids that create fluffy lather can also make the soap drying to your skin. And the oil properties that make a soap moisturizing create a lather with almost no bubbles. Perhaps the bar has a nice lather with decent moisturizing ability, but it dissolves quickly in water. A good formulation skillfully juggles all these balls to maximize lather, moisturizing ability, bar hardness, and shelf life in the same soap. (Continued...) Don\\\'t be fooled by \\\"label candy\\\" ingredients. Many of our customers come to us requesting that we make a soap like some other bar they love. Usually, these other soaps contain some sort of label candy: shea bu


by: Karah Posted on: 2012-01-29 07:16:39


  Thanks alot - your asnewr solved all my problems after several days struggling



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