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Soap Ministry Love Earth, Love You

Posted by: Diana on: 2011-09-02 13:10:12

Love Earth - embrace the simplicity of nature! If our Earth has a choice, we hope that she picks us to be her best friend. Soap Ministry believes that a natural look is the most beautiful look for our Earth. Trees and creatures should have never been hurt by harmful chemicals. Thus, even the fundamental process of choosing ingredients is guided by the ideology of protecting our planet Earth. Although this may require more time involvement and more cost, every little bit of effort helps in conserving the beauty of the Earth, and in enhancing the health of our skin. The moment a Soap Ministry soap comes into contact with your skin, you will realize that the warmth exuding from within the soap originates from the love that nature has bestowed upon you. You shall be moved by the simplicity of it all, while giving back to Earth all at once. Such pure and unconditional love! Copyrights to Soap Ministry Pte Ltd



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