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Soap Ministry Essence of Precious GIft

Posted by: Diana on: 2011-09-02 13:06:57

Creativity adorns your gifts with utmost sincerity. Being delicate is the characteristic of nature. We put all our hearts into designing each soap, and we put all our souls into constructing each gift; all in hope that creativity may introduce more people to the goodness of handmade soaps. Creativity and quality are absolute priority that we always insist on. Soap Ministry believes that the essences of natural plants are our best protection. Often, gifts end up as decorations that eventually get tossed away and become environmental hazards. As such, our idea of creating handmade soaps was derived solely on our wish to add value and practicality to the concept of gifts. Upon receiving a gift, one may fully utilise it without having to add on to the burden of our planet Earth Copyrights by Soap Ministry Pte Ltd



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