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Premium Ingredients Benefits

Posted by: Diana on: 2011-08-11 15:47:59

(Vitellaria paradoxa) or the Katite tree from which Shea butter is extracted from is native to Africa and is commonly found throughout much of Cameroon Congo, Nigeria, Senegal, Sudan, and Uganda. The Shea nut from the Katite tree have seeds similar to that of an Avocadao\\\'s. Shea butter is extracted from these seeds. As an emulsification wax, Shea butter is commonly used in creams, emollient lotions, natural conditioners, soap and body care products. When infused in soaps Shea butter provides superior moisturizing qualities. Matters that


by: Margie Posted on: 2011-09-10 21:09:26


  Gee whiz, and I tohught this would be hard to find out.



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