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Recipe to treat Acne Prone & Oily Skin

Posted by: Diana on: 2011-08-02 00:36:34

Acne - Chronic Inflammation, producing comedones, papules cysts, scars & etc. Therapeutic Strategy - Due to Multi-factors condition, thus need intergrated approach. : Unblock Pores : Decrease Bacteria in the Sebum : Decrease sebaceous gland activity : Keep the affected area as free of oil as possible Managment of Acne : With essential oil product , helping to clear the infection : Reducing the amount of sebum produced : Minimising the extent of scarring & to promote healing : reducing inflammation : reducing stress & anxiety : helping body to eliminate toxins Antiseptic Essential Oil Tea Tree , Begarmot, Lemon, Neouli Balance Sebum Production Geranium, Palmarosa ( Essential Oil ) Reduce Stress & Antiseptic ( herbs / essential oil ) Rose Essential Oil Eliminate Toxins ( herbs / essential Oil ) Rosemary, Geranium, Juniper. Bamboo Charcoal Minimise Scar ( Neroli, Sandalwood, Lavender ) Wound Healing & Anti-inflammatory Carrot-Infused Oil, Carrot Seed herbs, Calendula-infused oil, Calendula herbs helps heal scar tissue. :


by: Diana Posted on: 2012-01-11 03:03:02


  Dear Elaine,
Acne conditons, stages & causes vary from person to person. Thus the treatment recipe in Natural Handmade Soap require to further understand through an brief skin consultation . You are also able to carry on to use the previous recipe during your soap making workshop at Soap Ministry workshop. You are also welcome to make an appointment with us for an skin consultation too. For your customized recipe treatment handmade soap, you are able to buy the starter kit to make at home or buy the basic ingredients & pay $10/hr to make soap at Soap Ministry. All tools , equipments & molds are provided too. Call us at 66341920.

Blessings & Regards
Diana Ong
Soap Ministry
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by: Elaine Posted on: 2011-12-24 00:58:19


  Hi, how does one treat back acne? That\\\\\\\'s the only area of my body that has recurrent and persistent acne; the rest of my body and face is clear (...weird...). I attended a soap-making workshop at Soap Ministry few months ago and made a glycerin-base soap with orange essential oil (not sure if it was blood orange or sweet orange oil) and ground apricot kernels. By the time I had finished using the soap, my back acne had cleared up quite significantly, which both pleased and surprised me. Is this combination appropriate for acne? I tried looking for a similar product in your online store, but couldn\\\\\\\'t find one. I don\\\\\\\'t want a soap with astringent properties as my skin isn\\\\\\\'t oily, not even the skin on my back. Can you recommend a suitable soap for me? Thanks a lot.
Kind regards



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