Benefits of Natural Handmade Soap

1.Do NOT contain chemical additive such as an antiseptic, a hardener and surfactant.
2. Vegetable oil and various nutrients remain undamaged, good for skin.
3. Increase skin moisture level & strengthen skin prevent dryness.
4. Customise to individual skin type.
5. Biodegradable & Eco-Friendly

Handmade in our soaps are:
**No Animal Products
**No Detergents

At Soap Ministry, we maintain a minimum organic content level of 85% in all our bar soaps. We have also taken the additional step of becoming certified under the USDA National Organic Program. Our certifying agency is the Montana Department of Agriculture.


包含甘油, 使用植物油, 使用天然香精油, 使用天然保存成分, 使用天然色素,
对皮肤无刺激, 加热有香甜气味.


强行分离甘油, 使用动物油, 使用人工合成香精,使用各种防腐剂和硬化剂, 使
用人工色素, 有引发过敏的可能性, 加热时冒黑烟,有难闻的气味.

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